Political Culture & Dialogue

We are in the midst of a revolution in the way that knowledge and culture are created, accessed and transformed. Citizens, artists and consumers are no longer powerless and isolated in the face of industries producing and distributing content, and they are increasingly becoming independent from state control and state funding: Now individuals across many different spheres are collaborating, participating and making decisions in a direct and democratic way, which is leading to the development of new models of financing cultural activities and managing common goods. With this program we want to contribute to the dialogue between Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo amongst each other, and between the Westbalkan region and Germany and the European Union.


Incentives4Reform: Increasing opportunities for VET students and graduates in the labour market

The education system in Kosovo has been subject to continuous change during the transition that emerged in the aftermath of the war in 1999. In recent years it has become increasingly evident that although it’s young population, the youngest in Europe, is indeed a great asset to the country, it simultaneously places an extremely heavy burden on both the education system and the labour market in Kosovo.

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