SREBRENICA GENOCIDE: 25 years of denial

Words can kill, it is (...) a matter of conscience whether language will be allowed to slide into areas where it becomes murderous.
Heinrich Böll

International feministic reading: Texts from book "War alphabet"

"ABECEDA RATA - The Alphabet of War" makes the Bosnian war narrative and tangible. The war is spelled out, every letter of the alphabet stands for a word, every word for an abyss of war experience. Terms change in war.

25 years after Srebrenica are also 25 years of genocide denial. The reading in excerpts is a feminist countervote and a powerful canon of the culture of remembrance from a female point of view.


Rarely, if ever, has a genocide been as normalized as the genocide against the Bosniaks. It is a process which began simultaneously with the genocide itselfnot only with the expansive cover-up campaign of its perpetrators, but with the rhetorical onslaught of minimization undertaken by the international community.