Democracy and Human Rights

Our political mission is reflected in the diverse types of support we provide to citizens to help them achieve their democratic aspirations, as well as in cooperation with numerous organizations and figures active in public life. Through various programmes, we strive to promote and cultivate the wide array of values that stem from democratic culture. For us, these values are human rights, democratic participation and action, peace policy, civic responsibility in facing the past and contemplating the future, European integration and values, and providing support to socially marginalized groups. Another key aspect of our work, intertwined in all our operations, is the promotion of gender democracy. We firmly believe that our democratic endeavors will assist in breathing life into these values and, together with our partners, spur the creation of sustainable development in its fullest sense.

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report on hate motivated incidents 2022

Transphobia and Homophobia in Serbia - 2022

This publication is a Report on illegal actions against queer people in 2022, which Da se zna! has documented during this period. The structure of the documented illegal actions still shows that safeguarding the right to physical and psychological integrity remains the queer community's greatest challenge, while the scope of discrimination has reduced, or the need to report it has lessened. 
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Grasp the Truth Based on Facts 5

 This publication is a report on illegal incidents aimed against queer persons which took place in 2021, which Da se zna! has registered during this period. The Report segregates data from reports on these incidents so as to include an analysis of: the source of the incident report; the location where the incident happened; the type of injury sustained by the survivor, their personal characteristics and their intersection, as well as the status of the reported incident in process before the authorities.

Position Paper On WB6

policy brief
Recommendations and expectations for German and European policy. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has direct and significant implications for the Western Balkans. The lack of a consistent and convincing EU perspective and U.S. engagement in the region opened up space for other actors and scenarios aimed at recomposing the Western Balkans as well as promoted regressive tendencies throughout the region.

WHEN CONDITIONALITY BECOMES BLACKMAIL: EU Member States Should Not Write The History Of Candidate Countries

Policy Brief
Recent developments in Southeastern Europe are diminishing the image of the European Union and its perspective of the region. The long history of the dispute over the history of the region of Macedonia, the identity of ethnic Macedonians and the question of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria is threatening the EU integration of North Macedonia, but also the entire Western Balkan 6.