The Use of Biomass for Energy in the EU

Policy Brief
This brief is the first of four briefs prepared within the framework of the project „Woody biomass: win-win or lose-lose? Energy, climate and air pollution effects of biomass to power projects in the context of selected Western Balkan countries.”

Political Discourse on the Jadar Project

The aim of this study by the Belgrade Center for  Security Policy is to analyse the political debate surrounding the Jadar Project. It presents the development of the debate around Lithium in Serbia, the key actors, and the dominant discourses that formulated it.
perspectives 2022

Perspectives - Green Transition and Social (In)justice

After decades of warnings, it seems that the green transition – the huge change that should slow down, mitigate, and eventually stop, if not reverse, the threatening deterioration of living conditions on this planet – is finally on everybody’s lips.  This edition of Perspectives explains the concept of a just transition - a way to make the change without leaving anyone behind.
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Review of the Law on the Use of Renewable Energy sources

The RES Law sets the grounds for substantial reforms in the Serbian renewable energy sector and introduces a number of leading-edge solutions to the Serbian and regional electricity markets. The RES Law further aligns Serbian legislation with that of the EU, thus making a significant step towards fulfilling Serbia's commitments under the Energy Community Treaty.