Whom is the Monument to Stefan Nemanja Dedicated to?

This dossier was created in cooperation with the project "Kulture sećanja u dijalogu" (Memory culture in dialogue), in order to contribute to a more meaningful public debate on the topic of managing public goods in the context of memorialization and memory culture. The texts that make up this dossier examine the monument to Stefan Nemanja from several perspectives - medieval history, the modern history of Serbia, safeguarding pubic spaces and memorial culture, but also include experiences from other contentious urbanizations in the region. The way decisions about the Monument were made, as well as the refusal to answer the public's legitimate questions under the auspices of a national heritage which cannot be questioned, necessitates a debate on the misuse of national identity for cheap political points, on the supposed "new golden age", and finally, whom is the monument to Stefan nemanja really dedicated to?  

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