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Shadow report

One step forward, two steps back

Shadow Report on Chapter 27

The report encompasses eight thematic areas: horizontal legislation; air quality; waste management; water quality; nature protection; chemicals management; noise; and climate change. Given that forestry has a major impact on numerous areas in the environment (nature protection, climate change, etc.), this year’s report (as well as previous ones) provides an overview of those areas as well. The report does not address issues of civil protection, nor issues of industrial pollution and risk management. In each thematic area, developments in the adoption of public policies and legislation, regulatory enforcement and financing are discussed, and recommendations are made for improving the process. The section titled “Green Cards” is a new addition to the Report. With the aim of obtaining the most accurate insight into the implementation of environmental protection and improvement of policies at the local level, we have begun a multi-year process of monitoring the work of local self-governments. Green Cards have been compiled based on data obtained by civil society organizations engaged through the “Green Power Up” support programme and the “Green Incubator” project.

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