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Walking in the Mist - Coalition 27 Shadow Report 2020

The report “Walking in the Mist” is the seventh annual report by Coalition 27 on important developments and changes in the area of environmental protection and climate change in Serbia. This report covers the period March 2019 to the end of February 2020. The title of this year’s report reflects the view of Coalition 27 that decision-making processes in the field of environmental protection and climate change are still not sufficiently transparent. Coalition 27’s reports primarily address topics related to Serbia’s EU accession negotiations on Chapter 27 of the EU acquis, and follow the annual report of the European Commission. The novelty development during the reporting period has been the Serbian Government’s adoption of a negotiating position on Chapter 27 in January 2020 and its submission to the European Commission for review.

The report covers nine thematic areas: horizontal legislation, air quality, waste management, water quality, nature conservation, chemical management, noise and climate change. Given the fact that the forestry sector has a major impact on numerous areas of the environment (nature conservation, climate change, etc.), we have decided to also provide an overview of forestry in this report (as in previous reports). The report does not tackle civil protection issues or industrial pollution and risk management. Each thematic area reviews developments in public policy-making and legislation, the implementation of regulations and funding, and provides recommendations for the promotion of these processes. As in previous years, the general trends in financing in the field of environmental protection and climate change have been highlighted and analysed.

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October 2020
Young Researchers of Serbia
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Introduction 6

Financing in the field of the environment and climate change 11

Overview 12

Strategic and legislative framework 16

Recommendations 18

Horizontal legislation 21

Overview 22

Strategic and legislative framework 23

The implementation of regulations 26

Financing 31

Recommendations 32

Air quality 37

Overview 38

Strategic and legislative framework 40

The implementation of regulations 42

Financing 50

Recommendations 52

Waste management 57

Overview 58

Strategic and legislative framework 63

The implementation of regulations 65

Financing 69

Recommendations 70

Water quality 75

Overview 76

Strategic and legislative framework 77

The implementation of regulations 79

Financing 84

Recommendations 86

Nature protection 89

Overview 90

Strategic and legislative framework 92

The implementation of regulations 95

Financing 101

Recommendations 103

Chemicals management 109

Overview 110

Strategic and legislative framework 114

The implementation of regulations 118

Financing 126

Recommendations 128

Noise 131

Overview 132

Strategic and legislative framework 133

The implementation of regulations 134

Financing 135

Recommendations 136

Climate change 139

Overview 140

Strategic and legislative framework 142

The implementation of regulations 156

Financing 157

Recommendations 159

Forestry 163

Overview 164

Strategic and legislative framework 166

The implementation of regulations 167

Financing 170

Recommendations 171

Sources and appendices 175

Sources 176

Appendix 1 – List of Abbreviations 179

Appendix 2 – Comparative Table of Recommendations for 2019 and 2020 183

Appendix 3 – Methodology and list of Authors (Organizations) by fields 218