ERENE - European Community for Renewable Energy

European Community for Renewable Energy

A feasibility study by Michaele Schreyer and Lutz Mez in collaboration with David Jacobs

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Preface 7

Executive Summary 9

Introduction 13

1 The Vision of a European Community for Renewable Energy in the Context of the Past, Present and Future of European Integration 16

1.1 European Energy Communities in the History of the EU: Reasons for Their Establishment, Goals and Instruments 16

1.2 Today’s Climate and Energy Challenges for the EU 19

1.3 The Contribution of a New European Community for Renewable Energy to a Sustainable European Energy System 22 

2 The Potential for Green Electricity within the EU 28

2.1 EU Renewable Energy Potentials and their Regional Distribution 28

2.2 Current Use of Renewable Energy Sources for Electricity Generation in the EU 39

2.3 Obstacles to and Conditions for an Increased Use of Europe’s Renewable Energy Sources 42

3 A European Community for Renewable Energy: Objectives, Tasks, Instruments, Legal and Institutional Foundations 47

3.1 Objectives and Tasks of ERENE 48

3.2 Competencies and Instruments of ERENE 55

3.3 Financing the Activities of ERENE 69 

3.4 Legal and Institutional Basis of ERENE 73

4 A Roadmap for ERENE 79

Appendix 1 85

Appendix 2 87

List of Abbreviations 89

Sources and References 91