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Perspectives - 'International Community' and the Limits of External Intervention


When a country is going through deep systemic changes in its political, economic, and ideological makeup, its (inter)dependence on the international environment may intensify greatly. This took place in almost all post-communist countries 25 years ago. The need to use internationally established models in systems which are only beginning to develop political pluralism and democracy, as well as solutions for functioning rule of law, and overall opening up of society, which is accompanied by the ideal of freedom, have led to a conscious openness to external influence.

The articles compiled for this edition of Perspectives bring together different accounts of current challenges for international intervention in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia1, and Serbia.


1This edition of Perspectives was published before the Prespa Agreement
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2 Introductory note
Srđan Dvornik
Aiding Democracy from Abroad
4 Talking the Talk and Walking the "Unlocked Path" Walk: EU, BiH and the Quality of Democracy
Tijana Cvjetićanin
9 The Macedonian Political Crisis – EU Mechanisms Tested
Malinka Ristevska Jordanova
13 The EU’s Bosnia Initiative, the Reform Agenda and the Problem with Transparency
Bodo Weber
18 Macedonia’s Tiresome Transition Story: Euro-Atlantic Integration
Nano Ružin
International Involvement and the Rule of Law
23 (Mis)rule of Law
Nina Kisić
26 Bosnia: A Constitution in Distress
Vedran Džihić
29 Macedonia: Stability Through Democracy!
Bojan Marichikj
39 Istanbul Convention: Serbia and Croatia
Jovana Gligorijević
Expectations and Disillusion
42 Misty Gains from Outside: Economic Enterprises and their Magic
Ildiko Erdei
45 Misunderstood Reality and Missed Opportunities
Zlatko Dizdarević
49 Skin-deep Reforms vs. Thick-skinned Structures
Vedran Horvat
52 Waiting for Houdini: The International Community and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Miroslav Živanović
Normalisation with/out the International Community
55 Media System in B&H: How the International Community Intervention has Failed
Lejla Turčilo
59 Remembering the Expulsions from Krajina 1991-1995
Vesna Teršelič
63 Environmental Protection in Albania
Lavdosh Ferruni