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COVID-19 Lockdown Diary

The Coronavirus Crisis in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo

Though it arrived in our region later than in other European countries, the COVID- 19 pandemic has proven to be a once in a generation crisis for Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, as well, threatening to collapse their already precarious healthcare systems, budgets, and policy capacities.

This report is a contribution to a wider effort by the Heinrich Böll Foundation to utilise its international network of offices in order to produce global, values-based insights into the way various governments and political and economic systems have handled the crisis, and what its consequences might be.

The report covers the Coronavirus outbreaks and immediate responses by our programme countries, the measures to suspend social contacts and political life, as well as measures to help their economies recover. Emphasis will be placed on the position of vulnerable groups - women, elderly citizens, and migrants in particular, in the midst of the pandemic.

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Heinrich Böll Foundation - Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo
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Table of contents

The Coronavirus Outbreak and Initial Responses 4

Suspension of Political Life(?) 6

  • Serbia 6
  • Montenegro 8
  • Kosovo 10

Economic Consequences and Measures to Mitigate Them 12

  • International Relations and Aid 14

Social and Gender Issues 17

  • Women in Crisis 17
  • Labour rights 20
  • Elderly Citizens, Citizens Living in Poverty, and Citizens Infected with COVID-19 21
  • Migrants 23

Conclusion - Crisis as a Time for Decisions 25