A novel model for affordable, cooperative housing in Serbia

Ko Gradi Grad (Who Builds the City) formed in 2010
in Belgrade and is now one of the leading not-for-profit
organisations in the field of citizen-led housing initiatives
in Serbia. Our team has experience in project
management, multi-stakeholder facilitation and architectural
design. We address housing issues from several
directions, including legal advocacy and direct action,
or successful awareness-raising campaigns in 2016 and
2018 on the issue of housing affordability in Serbia.
The here presented “smarter building” cooperative
housing approach is the result of collective work including
more than 50 public meetings, working tables, site
visits, lectures with guest experts in relevant fields, from
Serbia and abroad. In 2014 our team won an award in
the European MILD Home (Modular, Intelligent; Low
Cost, D-I-Y) architectural competition. In 2017 Ko Gradi
Grad became one of the founding members of the MOBA
Housing Network, developing new ways to finance
and propagate housing cooperatives across Central and
South-Eastern Europe.
To deliver support for this novel approach throughout
Serbia, in 2018 we set up the platform Stambeni Pokret
(Housing Movement, stambenipokret.rs), both to introduce
the cooperative model and to offer resources to
like-minded groups.

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December 2018
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