Narratives in the Balkans - In the Combat Zone #6

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September 13 2018
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Sarajevo
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2 foreword - Srđan Dvornik
4 in the combat zone - Marion Kraske
life-shaping narratives
7 understanding "strategic narratives" on the Balkans and its borders - Nermina Mujagić
12 how is the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina perceived in 2017? - Srđan Puhalo
16 how to come to terms with the concept of the Croatians as the triple victim of the past? - Stevo Đurašković
a quest for alternatives
21 what is the civic option in Bosnia and Herzegovina? - Asim Mujkić
31 antifascism, communism and the Yugoslavian national idea in the jaws of nationalism - Srđan Milošević
34 transcending consociationalism: in support of civic Bosnia and Herzegovina - Senada Šelo Šabić
40 majority, minority and political strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Mate Subašić
(in)surmountable past
43 the taste of nationalism - Ildiko Erdei
46 women – active participants in a passive role - Đurđa Knežević
50 manipulating war crimes as a narrative used in everyday politics in BiH - Lejla Turčilo
54 the dominance of ethnic parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue - Damir Kapidžić
58 the Hague tribunal – reconciliation on hold - Nemanja Stjepanović
changing narratives, changing histories
62 dormant yet radiant history: memories of the First World War in the Republic of Macedonia - Petar Todorov
66 historical revisionism - Erich Rathfelder
70 collective glorification of individual guilt - it is their fault, not ours - Zarije Seizović
73 fear and hate – the two edges of the same sword - Xhabir Memedi Deralla