Incentives4Reform: Increasing opportunities for VET students and graduates in the labour market

The education system in Kosovo has been subject to continuous change during the transition that emerged in the aftermath of the war in 1999. In recent years it has become increasingly evident that although it’s young population, the youngest in Europe, is indeed a great asset to the country, it simultaneously places an extremely heavy burden on both the education system and the labour market in Kosovo.

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January 10 2017
Democracy for Development (D4D)
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Executive Summary 5

1. Introduction 7

2. Background analysis on VET 11

3. Research - methodology of the research and instruments utilized 25

4. Legal Framework 35

5. Portability of VET 42

6. The Labour Market 52

7. Old and future jobs 68

8. Recommendations 72 

Annex 1: Questions of the Omnibus 83

Annex 2: Eight NQF levels of qualifications with indicative qualifications and levels of occupation 84

Annex 3: The Structure of Vocational Education and Training in light of the entire education system in Kosovo 85

List of references 86