Protestantism, modernization and our time

As part of a series of events marking the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, Dr Andreas Poltermann held a lecture entitled "Protestantism - or: Modernization of the World", on June 13th 2017 in Belgrade.

The event which was attended by several dozens of diplomats, representatives of religious communities, nongovernmental organizations and international foundations, as well as interested citizens, was organized by the Heinrich Boell Foundation in partnership with the Goethe Institute.  

Dr Poltermann examined the relation between the modern age and protestant tradition, culture and ethics, whereas the ensuing discussion has yielded several questions with regard to the relations between Protestantism and Catholicism, Protestantism and recent history, relations in the region and worldwide, as well as Protestantism’s influence on city development and culture.   

Up until November 2016, Dr Andreas Poltermann was the director of Heinrich Boell Foundation’s regional office in Belgrade. Prior to this post, which he took in 2012, he spent more than ten years as employee of the Heinrich Boell Foundation in Berlin, lastly as head of the Political Education Department. The spheres of his interest and engagement include education and science, political history and Europe.