Housing from Below: A Smarter Building Model for Affordable Housing in Serbia

Housing in Serbia is in crisis. Over the last 25 years, housing has been transferred from collective to private ownership, which has shifted responsibility for the provision of housing to the private sector. Smarter Building was initiated in 2012 by the platform Ko Gradi Grad
(“Who Builds the City”) to challenge this model.
This brochure explains the nature of the housing crisis and introduces a citizens’ driven approach that might be able to help a substantial segment of population to address their housing needs. Smarter Building will be launched as a prototype to prove this point - and we are looking for support for this effort.
Almost all of us are struggling with housing problems. Rather than solve these problems on our own, we plan to work together to share our resources and spread our risks. If you want to contribute in resolving this significant issue - whether by participating in the pilot project, providing funding or other forms of partnership - we want to hear from you.

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