Perspectives SEE - ‘International community’ and the limits of external intervention #2

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Date of Publication
November 2016
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Sarajevo
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Table of contents
2 Introductory note
Srđan Dvornik
Aiding Democracy from Abroad
4 Talking the Talk and Walking the "Unlocked Path" Walk: EU, BiH and the Quality of Democracy
Tijana Cvjetićanin
9 The Macedonian Political Crisis – EU Mechanisms Tested
Malinka Ristevska Jordanova
13 The EU’s Bosnia Initiative, the Reform Agenda and the Problem with Transparency
Bodo Weber
18 Macedonia’s Tiresome Transition Story: Euro-Atlantic Integration
Nano Ružin
International Involvement and the Rule of Law
23 (Mis)rule of Law
Nina Kisić
26 Bosnia: A Constitution in Distress
Vedran Džihić
29 Macedonia: Stability Through Democracy!
Bojan Marichikj
39 Istanbul Convention: Serbia and Croatia
Jovana Gligorijević
Expectations and Disillusion
42 Misty Gains from Outside: Economic Enterprises and their Magic
Ildiko Erdei
45 Misunderstood Reality and Missed Opportunities
Zlatko Dizdarević
49 Skin-deep Reforms vs. Thick-skinned Structures
Vedran Horvat
52 Waiting for Houdini: The International Community and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Miroslav Živanović
Normalisation with/out the International Community
55 Media System in B&H: How the International Community Intervention has Failed
Lejla Turčilo
59 Remembering the Expulsions from Krajina 1991-1995
Vesna Teršelič
63 Environmental Protection in Albania
Lavdosh Ferruni