Beton International Vol. 2

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Seventy years after the end of World War II and the historical defeat of fascism, what is the state of “the heritage of antifascism“ in Europe? This question served as point of departure for Alida Bremer and Saša Ilić, editors and publishers of the magazine for literature and society “Beton International“ in preparation for this year’s issue which, following its publication on March 10th as supplement to the Tageszeitung (taz), was presented at the Leipzig Book Fair.

Authors from Croatia, Serbia, France, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Montenegro and England have made an attempt to provide an answer to this question. Has this term been worn out or was it misused to the point of exhaustion? The texts are different, interesting, surprisingly clever and anticipatory. At this time, they are available in the German language.

In the autumn of this year we are preparing a local edition which will be presented in the region’s countries.

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March 2015
udruga KURS form Split / Croatia and RK LINKS from Belgrade / Serbia
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