Perspectives - Kosovo 1999-2019: A Hostage Crisis

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Heinrich Böll Stiftung Belgrade
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December 2019
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The hostage crisis known as Kosovo, in which the populations of both Kosovo and Serbia are held as ideological hostages by their own political elites, has already been going on for twenty years. This issue of Perspectives on the 20th anniversary of the Kosovo War and the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, is dedicated to ordinary citizens. These are the people who, to this day, live with the consequences of war, even if they took no part in it; the youth raised to hate; anti-war activists who are considered enemies of the state; minorities that are used as pawns in political maneuvering; victims of war crimes and victims of the NATO military campaign.

Table of contents

Kosovo – A Hostage Crisis 3
By Natalija Miletić

Introduction 4
By Marijana Toma

NATO Bombing: The Lesser of Two Evils – interview with Winfried Nachtwei 8
by Simon Ilse and Milan Bogdanović

The Kosovo Myth in Modern Serbia: Its functions, problems, and critiques 12
By Ivan Čolović

A Lesson in History 16
By Jelena Krstić

War Criminals Be Quiet, Victims Speak Up! 21
By Marigona Shabiu and Ivan Đurić

Born, Raised and Deported: Kosovo Roma children surviving in Serbia 25
By Anđela Milivojević

Rape as a Weapon in War 28
By Thomas Roser

The Kosovo Pressure Cooker: Kosovo Serbs between Belgrade and Pristina 31
By Tatjana Lazarević

Depleted Uranium: Between sensationalism and health hazard 35
By Elion Gerguri

The First Collateral Damage Was Democracy 39
By Elisa Satjukow

Media Wars 44
By Dejan Kožul