social economy


Social Solidarity in Action – Our Study Visit to Thessaloniki

The HBS Office in Belgrade has supported the development of the social economy in Serbia for a while now, so the invitation from the HBS Office in Greece to go on a study visit to Thessaloniki, touring the various social enterprises operating in and around the city, was a very welcome one. 

By Nemanja Georgijević

First Belgrade Crowdfunding Convention

The first Belgrade Crowdfunding Convention was held on 7 June 2017.

“If Nikola Tesla had stayed here, we wouldn’t have been able today to enjoy what he created. Today’s Nikola Teslas can choose – whether to leave for the USA, or to stay here and opt for crowdfunding. This means that we could have our own Tesla here with us today”, said Marko Gregović from Brodoto.

By Tamara Skrozza