Balkan route


The European Refugee Crisis, the Balkan Route and the EU-Turkey Deal

Over the course of 2015, an estimated 1.5 million people – the bulk of them refugees from Syria – made their way from Greece to Western Europe via the Balkan route. The shift to this previously marginal route for irregular entry of refugees and migrants into the EU led to the collapse of the EU’s external border in the Aegean and turned the long-standing problem of the EU’s deficient common asylum policy, which disproportionately affected the southern member states, into a full-fledged crisis.

The Strange Case of Kosovo

As Europe debates how to tackle the hundreds of thousands of refugees coming from war torn Syria, and the Balkans has become the main route of their escape, Kosovo seems to have been spared from this problem. This has saved Kosovo government and society much trouble, since there’s already a huge group of people Prishtina government has to deal with when it comes to men, women and children who want to escape their homeland and settle somewhere in Europe: Kosovo’s own population!

By Agron Bajrami