Lectures on Europe

The EU is a promise to its citizens of a life of democracy instead of dictatorship, with the rule of law instead of arbitrariness, with equal rights instead of discrimination, it is the promise on joint efforts to increase prosperity and social protection and it is the promise of long-term security for a life of freedom and peace.

By Michaele Schreyer

Civil Society Forum Opened

The Heinrich Boell Foundation is organizing one of the five Workshops taking place at the Forum. The panel is dedicated to the environment, energy and climate changes.

A New Era for Justice in Kosovo

The Kosovo Special Court will be operational on January 1. If it indicts all the persons mentioned as suspects in the Marty Report, this would represent a tsunami of sorts, one that could cause tectonic shifts.

By Ismet Hajdari

The Marrakesh Climate Negotiations – a Mirror of a Divided World and Silent Europe

Compared to COP21 where the EU had a decisive bridge-building role between developed and developing countries in leading a strong climate coalition, in Marrakesh Europe appeared silent and divided. Despite the urgency for concrete and immediate actions to bend the curve and win the race against the clock, the negotiations in Marrakesh seemed to be moving in a parallel universe.

By Radostina Primova, Oksana Aliyeva, Damjan Rehm Bogunović


Repression of civil society is on the rise all over the world, even in supposedly democratic countries above reproach. Especially activists and organisations who advocate for democracy, human rights, and social and environmental justice are under pressure.

Why Kosovo needs climate friendly energy alternatives?

Kosovo cannot absorb additional lignite-exploitation without fundamentally endangering its living environment. EU perspective of Kosovo dictates climate and energy policy framework and direction that is to a large extent incompatible with the current developments

By Jasminka Young

Thorns and Weeds

Vetëvendosje election victory in Prisinta, changed the balance of powers in Kosovo. The delegation headed by the mayor of Pristina Spend Ahmeti has recently visited Berlin.

By Natalija Miletić

The Strange Case of Kosovo

As Europe debates how to tackle the hundreds of thousands of refugees coming from war torn Syria, and the Balkans has become the main route of their escape, Kosovo seems to have been spared from this problem. This has saved Kosovo government and society much trouble, since there’s already a huge group of people Prishtina government has to deal with when it comes to men, women and children who want to escape their homeland and settle somewhere in Europe: Kosovo’s own population!

By Agron Bajrami


Chapter 27 in Serbia: Still under Construction, One Year Later


Coalition 27's analysis of environmental and climate change policy in the Republic of Serbia highlights a wide range of serious challenges in all areas - horizontal legislation, air quality, water quality, nature protection, industrial pollution, chemicals management, climate change and financing of environmental protection.


Balkan countries are moving toward European Union integration, which requires the power to define what Europe, and European, is. But Europe is not a monolith entity, it is heterogeneous and pluralistic. And Balkan countries must raise their voice in this pluralistic discourse.



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