Urban Development

Capetown: Politics of Crisis, Crisis of Politics

Almost every museum in Cape Town which in some way covers the period of apartheid includes among its exhibits a wooden bench with a variant of the sign “Whites Only” on it. This is no surprise, because these benches are a very vivid reminder of the brutal racial segregation which lasted in South Africa up to the mid-1990s. However, I was somewhat amazed that, in Cape Town today, there are almost no public benches, so that, if you want to sit down somewhere and have a rest in the city centre, you have to buy a coffee, a juice or a sandwich.

By Marko Aksentijević

Watergate at Belgrade’s Sava Riverbank

Today, Belgrade is a city in which Aleksandar Vučić's ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has an absolute majority and bases its rule on the authoritarianism of a deep state, one that provides chances to its citizens or withholds them, at its own discretion.

By Milan Bogdanović

Smarter Building

The fourth Who Builds the City edition aims to establish and offer to citizens a platform for development of knowledge and practice (of collaborative planning and investing) in the field of co-housing.


A novel model for affordable, cooperative housing in Serbia

This brochure introduces a resident-driven approach that can help a substantial segment of the population to address these housing
needs. Based on the “smarter building” approach developed by Ko Gradi Grad (Who Builds the City), a flagship building is being
prepared to prove the concept.  

Perspectives SEE - Right to the City #3

It seems as though the term citizen does not need a specific explanation. It is an inhabitant of a certain country or a city, a person with legally recognized citizenship, who pays taxes and fulfills their obligations to the community, and enjoys certain rights in return. But how often is that really the case? How many citizens in the world can say that they are true citizens according to this definition? Given the current global situation, not many. In this issue of “Perspectives”, our focus is on citizens and cities in the Western Balkans.

A hard copy of this issue you can order from our Belgrade office.

Urban Development

More and more people are living in Europe's large cities. At the same time, European cities are increasingly becoming responsible for ensuring participatory, green and sustainable development.



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