Gender Democracy & Human Rights

Numbers Speak

Continuation of the Heinrich Boell Foundation's series of articles about violence against women


By Tanja Ignjatović

Thorns and Weeds

Vetëvendosje election victory in Prisinta, changed the balance of powers in Kosovo. The delegation headed by the mayor of Pristina Spend Ahmeti has recently visited Berlin.

By Natalija Miletić

Religion, Politics and Gender Equality

Religion has an important function in the public and political life of many societies that also affects the relations between men and women as well as the right to gender equality.


Materials of the V International Gender Workshop “Gender and (Military) Conflicts in Easter-European Countries through Feminist Lenses”

On March 8-10, 2017 in Lviv, the V International Gender Workshop took place organized by Heinrich Boell Office in Ukraine in cooperation with hbs offices in Eastern European countries and the Caucasus. Researchers and activists from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic and Germany discussed military conflict situations in the region from the perspective of feminist critique. This publication collects texts created on the basis of some of the presentations from the event.  

Gender Democracy & Human Rights

Heinrich Böll Foundation is fighting for equality between women and men by promoting gender democracy. In the context of Europe, gender democracy aims at developing a society of tolerance open to other religions, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations.


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